Premier Iain Rankin at the May 31 briefing. (Communications N.S. Photo)

HALIFAX: Students returning to schools this week will have cafeteria food available to them, the province confirmed on May 31.

At the COVID19 briefing, Premier Iain Rankin was asked what the province would be doing to ensure students who were returning on Wednesday and Thursday had cafeteria food.

The question came after concerns online and in inbox messages to The Laker News indicated that schools had given food to the families and food banks when they were told there would be no more in-person learning.

Premier Rankin said he would bring the question to Education Minister Derek Mombourquette himself. He spoke about the breakfast programs that schools have.

“I will see what their plans are as they look to reopen Wednesday and Thursday,” he said. “We do have a good Breakfast Program that is in place. We’re hopeful we can find local food for them.”

Several schools have sent emails home this afternoon after the announcement indicating their cafeteria provider, Chartwell’s, shut down for the year and would not be reopening.

Here is video of our two questions May 31. The first question asked was about the cafeteria service. Video edited by Dagley Media.

Later in an email, Jane Taber, Director of Communications with Premier Iain Rankin’s office, followed up with a response. She assured there would be food available.

“The Regional Education Directors confirmed that there will be food for the students,” said Taber.

“Cafeterias may not be fully up and running, but food for kids will be available.”