The Brenda Wickstrom Memorial Scholarship for graduating basketball players from the Rebels Basketball organization were awarded tonight, Aug. 18. The recipients are Jake Kelln and Masyn Ettinger. Presenting the scholarships were Steve Wickstrom (Brenda Wickstrom husband and co-sponsor of the scholarship) and Fall River Rebels Basketball president Steve Boudreau.

FALL RIVER: Two well-deserving basketball players from the Fall River Rebels Basketball Program have been recognized for their efforts.

The two–Masyn Ettinger and Jake Kelln–were recently honoured with respective scholarships in memory of an executive of the organization that is presented to graduating students of Lockview High who play the sport, but also suited up with the Rebels.

The Brenda Wickstrom Scholarship is in memory of Brenda. She was a member of the executive of Fall River Basketball in the late nineties until her passing in 2004. The scholarship was first presented in 2005.

From an evaluation end and how the recipients are chosen, please see below:

  • Applicants are chosen and evaluated on a points system which is scored on the following:
    1. Academics (average marks)
    2. Fall River Rebels Involvement (years played/involved with Rebels)
    3. Community Involvement (points awarded for volunteer work)
    4. Extra-Curricular Activity (point awarded for other sports, etc.)
    5. Training and Certifications (point awarded for coaching certificates, other certifications, etc.)
    6. Note:  Applicants must show proof of acceptance and intention of secondary school (university, college, trade).

Up until this year the scholarship was $500 for a male student and $500 for a female student.

This year the Wickstrom family and friends added an extra $500 for each scholarship  awarded to make it $1000 per recipient.