MP Darrell Samson says the investment into transportation could benefit the local area. (Healey photo)

FALL RIVER: The MP for Sackville-Preston-Chezzetcook has confirmed he will run in the next federal election—whenever it may be.

Darrell Samson told The Laker News in an interview on Feb. 18 he’s putting his name forward to run again. He’d like to get more work done. That’s his main reason for seeking re-election from his constituents.

“I have to go another round,” said Samson. “A minority government you know that you can’t bank on a specific date, and I don’t know when that date will be.

“I’m ready to do one more term.”

He said in the past five-plus years he has found the job to be rewarding as they helped Canadians.

“We have a government that is investing in Canadians,” he said. “That has been very positive.”

Samson said while there are some things he has accomplished in his time as MP for the area, which includes Fall River/Waverley/Beaver Bank, there’s more he has left to do.

“There’s some things hanging, and I’d like to get those accomplished and over the finish line before I do anything different.”