Visser, McCarthy fail to advance to Big Air final jumps

The Laker News logo as created by Liane Rogers. (Healey photo)

BROOKVALE: Martin Visser of Lantz had a good showing in the Big Air male snowboarding competition at Brookvale today, March 4 at the 2023 Canada Games.

In qualifications jump 1, Visser scored the ninth best score setting himself up for a good run-in jump 2 of qualifiers.

However, while he finished 12th in qualification jump 2 with a score of 41.40 it wasn’t enough to advance to the final jump round.


In women’s snowboarding Big Air, Amy McCarthy was 12th with a score of 36.60.

In qualification jump 2, McCarthy scored 38.20.

However, despite those great runs it didn’t put her in the top eight, so she did not advance to the final jump round.