FALL RIVER/BEAVER BANK: The Laker News is partnering with the Fall River & Area Business Association (FRABA) to co-host a Candidates Forum with the provincial election candidates for the Aug. 17 provincial election.

The Candidates Forum is scheduled for Aug. 3, beginning at 6:30 p.m. The Laker News’ Pat Healey will host and ask the questions, as he did with the council election forum.

It will be livestreamed on The Laker News FB page and Dagley Media’s YouTube. It will also be recorded and available at a later date on Dagley Media’s YouTube.

Due to the current COVID19 gathering restrictions, this event will be virtual only.

We at The Laker News are reaching out to the community from Beaver Bank to Waverley to Enfield HRM and communities in between seeking questions that you the residents would like to be asked.

The forum will see three rounds of five questions that will be asked of each candidate, so make your questions generic and able to be asked to each candidate. Questions should not attack or take shots at any one candidate.

After receiving the questions, a team of three people—two who do not have any connection to the riding—will narrow the questions down to the 15 I will ask.

If you are a resident of Waverley-Fall River-Beaver Bank, please email with the Subject headline as “FALL RIVER/BEAVER BANK Candidates forum question” so we know which forum your question is meant for as we’re running two. Please email: thelakerelection@gmail.com.

The deadline to have questions in to us so we can narrow them down is TUESDAY JULY 27.