Councillor Lisa Blackburn is seen deep in thought as she listens to an answer at a council meeting. (Healey photo)

BEAVER BANK: The councillor-elect for District 14 (Upper/Middle Sackville-Lucasville-Beaver Bank) will be one of upwards of seven women on the new HRM regional council after a landslide victory on Oct. 17.

Lisa Blackburn unofficially defeated challenger Greg Frampton by more than 4,000 votes. HRM said official results will be provided mid-week.

Blackburn has 4,898 votes to Frampton’s 857.

When contacted at her home, Blackburn was grateful to residents for their faith in her and the job at hand.

“I’m humbled and incredibly thankful that the voters have put their trust in me again,” she said. “I look forward to another four years of helping out the community and making it the best place to live in HRM.”

She said she knows the task at hand will be a lot of grit work as HRM recovers from ACOVID19.

“That’s the biggest thing right now,” said Blackburn. “No one knows what the next four years is going to look like. COVID has really disrupted life as we know it. Our priorities have shifted.

“It’s a whole new council, a whole new look at how we do things. I think our response in HRM will be appropriate. I look forward to working with the new council to achieve our goals.”