Asha says please don't leave your pet or children in your cars this summer. (Healey photo)


Fall River-area resident Melanie Roy sent in a few questions for Dr. Juanita to answer. In this column, she will answer two of the four questions submitted in April.

In the next column, she will answer the two remaining questions.

Melanie asked: My municipal park just closed due to COVID19 where I loved the off-leash trails. How can I make a leashed walk in the neighborhood as interesting for my pup?

Dr. Juanita said: “Neighborhood walks can be made interesting to dogs when you help enhance their scent experiences. Dog’s enjoy smells! They really do see their world in smells as we use our sight primarily.

“Having your pup exposed to a variety of new smells will keep his mind active, engaged and interested in his world around him. You can make this happen by taking him to new areas to walk even if it is not a park.”

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Her second question was: My dog has broken off two off his front bottom teeth, what can I do to ensure this does not continue happening. Is there a toy or product I can use to strengthen his teeth? 

Dr. Juanita’s answer is: “Teeth falling out, even when playing with toys, may mean disease underneath the gumline. There maybe dental disease there which needs to be examined by a vet to determine whether x-rays maybe needed.

“Kong toys, rope bones and Nyla bones tend to be safer teeth friendly in general and good for the teeth. However, brushing the teeth is the best option. 

“I would book an appointment with your vet to have the teeth checked in your precious pup.”