DR. STRANG: The last part of any marathon is the hardest

Dr. Robert Strang. (Communications N.S. photo)

The following is an except of the remarks made by Dr. Robert Strang, Chief medical officer of health for the province, during the COVID-19 briefing on May 7.

Our situation is critical, especially in the Halifax area.

We need to act like COVID is in our communities no matter where we live in the province. If we’re unwell, we should assume we have COVID.

We’re still fielding thousands of questions about the restrictions and travel within Nova Scotia.

Stop looking for loopholes and asking to be excused from following the rules.

We all have to take accountability for our own actions and apply common sense and good judgement.

We’re all frustrated but let’s not take it out on one another. This is a time for all of us to band together. Lash out at COVID, not those calling with test results, answering your questions, or enforcing rules intended to keep you safe.

We have the necessary things in place–border measures, restrictions, public health protocols, testing and vaccine–but it is really up to you. We’re asking a lot–over a year into the pandemic –and people are tired, frustrated, overwhelmed and afraid. Some have checked out.

The last part of any marathon is the hardest.

I too am exhausted and worried. My teams are exhausted. The healthcare system is exhausted.

But none of us are giving up –and you can’t give up either.

We need your help. I need your help. It feels out of control right now and we will have a very tough May. That is the plain truth.

But what is also true is this … if we stay committed and together, doing the hard things for each other, we will start to emerge in June and can look forward to a much brighter summer.

We can turn this around–if we’re selfless, not selfish.

It is always darkest just before the dawn. So in this darkness, reach out, come together, lock arms, and stay strong.

Show the rest of the country and the world what it means to be Nova Scotian.