The following is a release issued by Propulsa Innovation of Saguenay, Quebec.

An Innovation Inspired by Music; Sounds That Breaks the Dust

SAGUENAY, QC.: Propulsa Innovation announces the launch of its patented and innovative infrasound self-cleaning filtration system named Epura.

This unique infrasound frequencies technology was inspired by its founder’s love for innovation and music. A first in
the market, this technology eliminates the need to replace filters every single time.

Epura prevents work stoppage and reduces overspending from expensive filter replacement. As mentioned in The Lingo, Rio Tinto employees’ newspaper, “A recent experiment demonstrated how Epura helped to save more than $28,000 a year worth of filters on a Komatsu PC 138 operating in bauxite dust.”

Known as the last filtration system you will ever install, Epura not only helps companies to save on fuel and filter but also minimizes downtime due to engine failure because of excessive dust buildup.

Epura’s self-cleaning system provides clean and controlled air for cabins and engines. It also helps to reduce employee exposure to cabin dust, thereby promoting worker health. The Epura system eliminates the need for frequent filter changes, as it keeps the filter pristine clean without the need to remove it from the machine.

The company has two systems, Epura Engine and Epura Cabin, they are also doing co-development for new applications such as electrical cabinets, compressors, and other updates soon to be released.

“People working in construction, military, agricultural, demolition, mining, port facilities, and other highly dusty areas are struggling with dust since forever,” says Denis Dumais, its inventor, founder, and current Vice President of R&D. “Replacing filters is no longer an option because it is not cost-effective. Instead of spending money buying new filters every single time, try Epura. This technology works on multiple types of machines as a self-cleaning system.”

“The best and the most incredible thing about these systems is its patented subwoofer mechanism with precise infrasound frequencies. The Epura system guarantees filtered clean air at 99.97% of the time. It also reduces harmful releases to the atmosphere and eliminates the need to send soiled filters to the landfill. ” says Dumais.

Epura systems bring serious savings on:
• Filters
• Fuel
• Productivity
• Engine maintenance
• Time to remove and replace the filter
• Reduction of NOX and Carbon Monoxide emissions

About Propulsa Innovation

Founded in Chicoutimi, Quebec, in 2016, Propulsa Innovations Inc. has developed a unique self-cleaning filter system, Epura. This system eliminates the need to replace filters while improving current filtration systems’ performance. To see the Epura in action visit or