Mo Kenney prepares for UK Tour

Mo Kenney. (Photo by Matt Williams)

WAVERLEY: Mo Kenney has released her newest single, “Ahead of Myself”, to much online fanfare as she prepares for a tour that includes the United Kingdom.

The Waverley musician released her latest album,” The Details”, almost two years ago. Now with “Ahead of Myself” as a standalone single, it provides upbeat tunes that showcases her talent in a great presentation.

In a review of the new track, says the single is carried by a steady beat. It’s easy to get lost in that while the lyrics describe that special type of self-indulgence that leads to more trouble than good.

“Ahead of Myself is a little snapshot in time,” Kenney told “I had recently moved to Downtown Dartmouth, and I was running around town sporting a black eye and a Hawaiian shirt. It was the first time I had ever had a place to myself — no roommates — so I went a little wild there for a bit. Reckless, but fun.”

Kenney’s touring began May 5 with a performance at the ECMA’s in the Songwriter Circle at the Delta Prince Edward ballroom; and at the 4 p.m. Song Circle with other artists including Dave Gunning.

On May 8, Kenney will be in Belfast, Ireland at the Oh Yeah Music Centre; Louth, Ireland on on May 9; Virginia Co, Cavan, Ireland at the Ramor Theatre on May 10; the An Grainan Theatre in Donegal, Ireland on May 11; Sligo, Ireland at the Hawk’s Well Theatre on May 12. She ends this part of the leg on May 15 at the Watergate Theatre in Kilkenny, Leinster;

Kenney performs in Canada too, with the first show on June 7 at the Longboat Hall in Toronto, Ont. with Oh Susanna. She returns to N.S. for a July 20 performance in Berwick at the Union Street; at the Harmony Bazaar Festival of Women & Song in Lockeport, N.S. on July 27

She heads back overseas for July 29 show in Brighton, GB.; Liverpool, England on July 31; London, England on Aug. 1 at the Green Note; Sheffield Cafe #9 in Sheffield, England on Aug. 3; and finishes up in Glasgow, Scotland with an Aug. 4 performance.