Colton Noble in Victory Lane after his first-ever Legend car feature win. (WingNut Productions Photo)

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SCOTIA SPEEDWORLD: Colton Noble wheeled his no. 03 Legend to his first-ever Legend feature win during CARSTAR Weekly Racing series action on July 16 at Scotia Speedworld.

After winning his heat race, Noble, of Nine Mile River, showed he meant business finishing ahead of Legend car veterans Nathan Blackburn in the 44 and Brad Eddy in the 08.

Jeff Cruickshank was fourth in the no. 7 and Devin Wadden was fifth in the 20.

The 12 of Sam Rogers took home the win in the other heat race.

Ayden Christensen of Windsor Junction took the heat race win on July 16 at Scotia Speedworld. (WingNut Productions Photo)

In the Bandolero feature, Dawson Noble of Nine Mile River came home first ahead of the 71 of Chase MacKay and the 0 of PEI racer Tanton Wooldridge.

Ayden Christensen of Windsor Junction was fourth, and Kennetcook’s Nate Singer fifth.

Christensen and Wooldridge won heat races.

In the Beginner bandolero division, Braden Wadden won the race ahead of Landon Pierce and Sam MacDonald, who won the lone heat race.

Alex Johnson of Oakfield nabbed second in the Shriner’s Classic Sportsman feature. 9Submitted photo)

Dave Matthews wheeled to first place in the combined thunder/lightning, with the 0 Jason Pickles second for the thunder cars.

Marshall Bezanson of Oldham in the 106 was declared the winner for the Lightning division as the top car, while finishing second overall in the finishing order. He also won the second heat race.

He also won the 172 of Chevy MacDonald was second in the Lightning and 158 Jamie Dillman of Carroll’s Corner was third.

Travis Keefe in the 145 won the first heat race.

The unofficial finish is as below:



1 – 99 Dave Matthews

2 106 Marshall Bezanson

3 0 Jason Pickles

4 172 Chevy MacDonald

5 158 Jamie Dillman

Heat 1 – 145 Travis Keefe

Heat 2 – 106 Marshall Bezanson

Jordan Veinotte crossed the finish line first in the 26th annual Shriners Classic, but in post-race tech he was disqualified and runner-up Devin Smith, who had dominated the race, was awarded the victory.

The DQ saw Alex Johnson of Oakfield moved up to second place and Kennetcook’s Pete Miller in the no. 92 get third place.

Johnson and Veinotte won heat races.

All classes will be back on the track at Scotia Speedworld on July 23. Green flag flies at 7 p.m. Follow along on Twitter at: @sswracing or on TimsCorner TV with live broadcasting.

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