PHOTOS: Dillon the Dragon joins Emily in Miller Lake

Youngsters take a look at Dillon. (Healey photo)

MILLER LAKE: Emily, the well known dragon head that greets motorists on Hwy 102 and those boating Miller Lake, has a new friend in the summer of 2023.

On May 13, Dillon, a handcrafted of wood dragon head, was instaleld by John Robidoux, artist, and wife Judy and helper Junior Gosse, along with assistance from Dominion Diving.

Many locals either watched from near a location at the end of Scout Camp Road; Hwy 102; or joined in boats on Miller Lake to witness the installation.

Dillon makes a tour of Miller Lake before his installation. (Healey photo)

Here are some photos of the installation as snapped by Pat Healey and some from Dagley Media.

The boat carrying Dillon in Miller Lake. (Dagley Media photo)
Emily the Dragon is in Miller Lake. (Dagley Media photo)
Dillon the Dragon is seen from waters level in Miller Lake. (Dagley Media photo)

Dillon is installed into Miller Lake. (Healey photo)
There were many onlookers as Dillon was installed. (Dagley Media photo)
Dillon is installed. (Healey photo)

Here is the video story The Laker News did from the installation, shot by Dagley Media and sponsored by Leno’s Stop Shop.