Four Cheema athletes approved for Athlete Assistance Program

Michelle Russell in competition. (JPM Lamontagne photo)

WAVERLEY: Four Cheema athletes have been nominated to Sport Canada’s Athlete Assistance Program.

Michelle Russell of Fall River; Craig Spence of Waverley; Sloan MacKenzie of Windsor Junction; and Riley Melanson all had their nominations approved among the list of athletes from across Canada by the Slalom High Performance Committee and Sprint High Performance Committee.

Athletes who qualify for the program will receive funding from Sport Canada for training and living expenses. Below is the list of AAP funding recipients in Canoe Slalom, Canoe Sprint and the Para Canoe program.

In the release, CKC adds that it does not view AAP nomination as the determinize indicator of athlete status within the Canadian team.

It is a key element of financial support, however, on-water results in training and competition, as well as other key indicators both physically and as a contributing teammate are the key elements used to evaluate our athletes.

The full list can be seen at: