MAIN PHOTO: The young fans, many who are Rebels, and the Lady Dragons. (Healey photo)

FALL RIVER: The loud, boisterous chants of “Go Lockview Go” wasn’t lost on Lori Lancaster’s Lockview High Lady Dragons Monday night.

With arguably one of if not the biggest game in some of the Lady Dragons high school basketball careers taking place, one being aired on Eastlink TV and with a full house of fans, many young girls from the Fall River Rebels program, the Dragons fed off that energy.

That cheering from the fans, when the players needed it most, helped key the team to a 84-47 victory over Millwood Knights in Metro High School Girls basketball action.

As the Dragons scored in droves, and consecutively, the crowd cheered on their success.

After the game, the young fans gave Ellie Lancaster, named player of the game for Lockview, their handmade sign and then the Dragons rewarded their support with a team photo together.

Leading Lockview’s attack was Lancaster who was on fire—and made some think CBU may want to have her as a basketball player too, not just soccer—with 34 points.

Cam Giddens.

Camryn Giddens, a volleyball star with LHS and Fury Volleyball, scored 18 points, while Madison Phillips nailed down 12 points.

For Millwood, they were led by Abby Kohier with 12 points and Lyrie Lepage with 11.

Here are some game action photos as snapped by our own Pat Healey who was at the game:

(Healey photo)
Lockview players cheer from the bench

Ellie Lancaster drives the net
No 7 on LHS