Landry shows her HEART with new book Eye of the Ocean

Members of HEART with author Janice Landry, who presented them with a $500 cheque as a kickoff to her book sales for Eye of the Ocean. (Healey photo)

ELMSDALE: A Halifax author is showing some “heart” for the Hants East Assisting Refuge  Team (HEART) Society with the release of her newest book, Eye of the Ocean.

Janice Landry was at the Cup of Soul Café in Elmsdale recently for the launch of her book, with all proceeds from it going to the HEART Society. The book launch was well attended with Landry selling out of one box of books she had taken inside with her at a table,.

Besides being on hand selling the book, she was there talking to people, including representatives of the HEART Society such as Linda Wood; Leno Ribahi, Heather von Kintzel; and Natalie Horne to name a few. Landry was also signing the books.


Eye of the Ocean is filled with a wealth of stories featuring the theme of love, hope, and empathy. The book features Canadians who inspire all to help and lift up others.

The East Hants-based HEART Society assists at risk refugee families escaping the dangers of war, global strife, and oppression.

Part of Eye of the Ocean looks at the stories of the Barho family, one that the HEART Society brought over from Syria to Elmsdale. The stories on the Barho’s includes the tragic story of their seven children who died in a devastating 2019 house fire in Spryfield.

It honours through these stories the Barho family, HEART Society, and the first responders and community members which were impacted by the fire.

Landry said she wanted to launch the book in Elmsdale to show the community and the group how much everyone cares about them.

“I wanted them to see how much we’re grateful for all the work that they do, and just spend some time talking about to them about the book, and really show gratitude for the extraordinary efforts that they have gone through since the fire and that we care genuinely,” said Landry in a brief interview.

“We wanted to show the Barho family, the first responders, the community members and heart that Nova Scotians and Canadians still stand behind them.”


Janice Landry with our Pat Healey. (Submitted photo)

Landry said all the stories in Eye of the Ocean, printed by Pottersfield Press, are about love, hope and empathy.

“One of the reasons I wanted to do it is my grandfather is an immigrant from Bulgaria, and he came here at age 17 with really whatever he could carry and the clothes on his back,” she said. “When I met members of the HEART Society I wanted to tell my grandfather’s story, and his story of hope coming to Canada with the hope of the better life like millions of immigrants have done.

“So it was a nice tie in with this group who does international work with refugees, trying to help them escape the ravages of war.”

Eye of the Ocean ends with a story of hope in that of the one involving Landry’s late mother, Theresa Landry.

Landry was thrilled with the turnout at Cup of Soul.

“I think the people in the community are amazing. Pam, the owner here at the cafe and all the staff they’ve just been so supportive, and it’s been a steady stream of people all day,” she said mid-afternoon of her stop.


Natalie Horne, with the HEART Society, thought it was tremendously special that Landry chose the HEART Society and to come launch the book at Cup of Soul.

“We are so happy to have been a part of it, and we were honored when she asked if she could interview us as part of the overall book,” said Horne. “But we were really blown away when she let us know that all of the proceeds would be coming to HEART.

“We know how much work goes into all the interviews, all the editing, all of the writing, and it’s just unbelievable that Janice would put in all of this work and then donate all of her proceeds back to us. It really validates what we do.”

Eye of the Ocean is available at all major book retailers and online.