ADVERTORIAL: Coming back home: Wilcox joins team at Fall River Law

Tara Wilcox has joined Fall River Law. (Healey photo)
The recognizable Fall River Law sign by Hwy 2. (Healey photo)

FALL RIVER: Looking for something closer to home, Tara Wilcox has joined the team of Barb MacLellan and those at Fall River Law as an Associate Lawyer.

Wilcox, who grew up in Wellington, initially attended SMU where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts before heading to study education south of the border at the University of Maine. She spent the following year as an English teacher at Lockview High.

But seeking a different challenge, she decided to go to law school and become a lawyer.

That led to her articling and then working at Cox and Palmer as an associate doing primarily residential and commercial real estate, wills, and estates.

After her first child was born, she was approached by someone from the N.S. government who said the province had an opening.

“We think you’d be a good fit and it would be a good work life balance,” Wilcox said she was told.

“At that point we had one baby. I was on my first mat leave. I interviewed for the job, got it, but my main assignment throughout my time with the province was housing. You can imagine that got quite busy.”

After her second mat leave she returned to working with the province, and things continued to be busy with housing.

“With my partner sometimes away for work, two children with one on the way, and me doing all the drop offs and all the pickups, I was just a chicken running around trying to do drop off, make it to work on time, and make pick up. I was working almost every evening after my children went to bed. It was too much.”

“During my third Mat leave I was thinking that okay something’s kind of got to give here,” she said. “At this point the province had a flex policy that required us to work downtown at our offices three days a week.”

It was this that got Wilcox thinking she needed to be closer to home, and Fall River Law fit the bill. It worked too that she knew the owner, Barb MacLellan, quite well.

“I was having chats with Barb on the side, and Barb’s like, why don’t you just join me here?” she said. “It’s always scary to take a risk, but then I thought- no risk, no reward, and if I never try it, I’ll never know.”

So she joined Fall River Law and Barb MacLellan at their location on 3161 Hwy 2 in Fall River.

Wilcox said she is loving working at Fall River Law.

“I’m trying to achieve a little bit more of a work life balance, I guess, with three young kids,” said Wilcox, whose children are six, three, and one.

Wilcox will be with clients who are looking at residential real estate with a bit of commercial work as well. She will also be doing wills and estates.

“It made perfect sense for me to come back home and work full time with Barb and Fall River Law,” she said.

Wilcox will be working Monday to Friday from 9-5 and can have appointments booked by contacting Fall River Law at 902-860-1515.