Indigenous artist Quentin Syliboy works on his piece of artwork after the launch. (Erin Taylor/MEH photo)

ELMSDALE: A partnership between Indigenous artist Quentin Syliboy and the Municipality of East Hants was officially launched before a small crowd on June 11.

The launch took place at the LLoyd E. Matheson Centre in Elmsdale.

The event occurred just outside the Library with many members of municipal council and the municipality on hand.

Funded through the Canada Council for the Arts, Syliboy will embark on creating a series of murals depicting Mi’kmaw stories to be prominently displayed within the Municipality of East Hants.

(Dagley Media photo)


In a release announcing the partnership, Syliboy said that the project is deeply important to him, both culturally and personally.

“Knowing that Indigenous art will be displayed in areas of high visibility for years to come, representing and educating both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people alike, fills my heart with awe,” said Syliboy.

Elder Bernie Syliboy commenced the event with an opening prayer and ceremonial smudging.

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Following the welcoming remarks and opening prayer, attendees had the opportunity to engage with Quentin Syliboy as he worked in real-time on one of the pieces in the collection.

Syliboy has been granted $25,000 in funding through the Canada Council for the Arts.

The project falls under the category of “Creating, Knowing and Sharing: The Arts and Cultures of First Nations, Inuit and Métis People”.

Some of Syliboy’s art work. (Dagley Media photo)
(Dagley Media photo)


Syliboy will create and donate four art murals to the Municipality.

The murals will depict Mi’kmaq stories and will be displayed in public locations as determined by the Municipality.

A close up of Quentin Syliboy doing his live art creation. (Dagley Media photo)
(Dagley Media photo)
Quentin Syliboy works on his first of four murals he is doing for the Municipality of East Hants. (Erin Taylor/MEH photo)