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VIDEO: Heavy rains leave Fall River streets saturated

FALL RIVER: The heavy rain from the storm that hit the Atlantic region on Jan. 20-21 left water running down Miller Lake Road and along Highway 2 in Fall River. This video was submitted to...

VIDEO: MP Darrell Samson speaks about highs, lows, and the year ahead – Part...

Reporter Pat Healey sat down with Darrell Samson to speak about his highs and lows of 2018, and what lays ahead for 2019. Here is Part 1 in the interview on his highlights of 2018.

VIDEO: Interview with MLA Bill Horne on highs/lows of 2018, what’s ahead in 2019

Reporter Pat Healey sat down with Waverley-Fall River-Beaver Bank Liberal MLA Bill Horne on Jan. 14 to ask him about his highs and lows of 2018 and what is ahead for the coming year...

VIDEO: Bill Dompierre opening ceremonies

Here's a clip of the opening ceremonies on Jan. 11 of the Bill Dompierre tournament, hosted for the 10th year at LHS in Fall River. 12 teams were competing from across the province.

VIDEO: Fall River firefighters douse chimney fire

FALL RIVER: More than 30 firefighters from stations across the area responded to a chimney fire in Fall River Village on Jan. 3. At 6:27 p.m., a 911 call came in of a possible structure...

VIDEO: This kid has some dance moves

WAVERLEY: A young boy from the Waverley area showed how much fun he was having at Christmas on the Green, organized by the Waverley Community Association, on Dec. 8 at the Waverley Fire Hall. Luke...

VIDEO: Fire crews attend call in Oakfield

OAKFIELD: Firefighters from Fall River to Enfield responded for a possible structure fire on Oct. 31 in Oakfield. Lantz and Elmsdale fire were paged, but stood down a short time later before arrival on...

VIDEO: Steve Streatch confirms crosswalk installation for Coach Avenue

FALL RIVER: Councillor Steve Streatch confirmed that HRM will be installing a crosswalk from Coach Avenue to Fletcher Drive across Hwy 2 in Fall River, in an interview on the afternoon of Sept. 25. He...

VIDEO: MP Samson talks about tour with veterans at Irving Shipbuilding

Sackville-Preston-Chezzetcook MP Darrell Samson and about a dozen veterans were invited for a tour of the Irving Shipbuilding facility last week. Watch for our complete story later this week/early next week as Reporter Pat Healey...

VIDEO: Kids love Hyper Sphere at Keloose

WINDSOR JUNCTION: The Hyper Sphere that was at Keloose had many people trying it out--and it came highly recommended by these two young girls (in the main featured video) especially for "thrill seekers." Here's video...
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